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Nathaniel Stern has been producing, exhibiting, teaching, and writing about art + technology for more than 25 years. His work amplifies how nature and technology are inseparable; treats language as a material and materials as always performing meaning; and, embodies how art is always both an action and a call to action. Stern’s art spans sculpture, code, installation, print, imaging, networks, Blockchain, AI, performance, and more, across digital and physical realms. Stern has been featured in the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Guardian UK, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Washington Post, Daily News, BBC's Today show, WIRED, Gizmodo, Time, Forbes, Fast Company, Scientific American, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Leonardo Journal of Art, Science and Technology, Rhizome, Furtherfield, and more. According to NPR, Stern’s work is “technological, thought-provoking and unexpected,” to Forbes, it is “powerful… weird, intriguing, and sometimes beautiful.” He is a a “daring poet” and artist (the Verse Verse), whose work is “tremendous fun” and also “fascinating” in how it is “investigating the possibilities of human interaction and art” (Scientific American). WIRED explains that our "future is confronted [with] power and ingenuity" in Stern’s many “multimedia experiments” (, making him one of Milwaukee's "avant-garde" (Journal Sentinel). Chicago’s widely popular Bad at Sports art podcast has said Stern produces “an obscene amount of work in an obscene amount of ways.” His “beautiful, glitched out art-images” (Boing Boing) make him ”an interesting and prolific fixture” (, with art that is “quite possibly some of the most relevant around” (Live Out Loud magazine). Nathaniel is an Art Blocks curated artist, with collaborator Sasha Stiles. Generosity, dialog, and care are key to his practice as an artist, writer, teacher, father, and human. He is a full Professor across Art+Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and an Associate Researcher at the University of Johannesburg.

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