By early 2015, neural networks had mastered the art of 'image-to-text' and could create natural language captions for images. Flipping this process, and turning text into image, was a much more complex challenge solved by 19-year old prodigy Elman Mansimov's alignDRAW model.

Fellowship is pleased to present a special release of fully on-chain* NFTs of this historical artwork, containing all the original 32x32 pixel images created in 2015.

“These images represent the birth of text prompt AI generated imagery.” - Darius Himes, Christie’s

“alignDRAW images can be compared to the first fixed photographs taken by Niépce in 1826-1827.” - Dr Lev Manovich

*We created an architecture that allows for the progressive on-chain storage of data and images, strategically addressing the challenge of high gas costs at launch through a phased roll-out that capitalizes on periods of lower gas prices.






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