Almost Human

Post Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities is Fellowship's second group show celebrating a new wave of innovation in AI video and photography.

Almost Human by Irina Angles and Dr Formalyst

“Idle Hands” series encapsulates the deep-rooted interconnection between human creativity and the dexterity of hands, and its relevance in the age of AI. The dancing Hands are the visualization of the actual real human dancer’s performance, transformed through CGI and AI. With a significant portion of the human brain dedicated to controlling hands, their inherent complexity can gracefully mirror the ebb and flow of an entire body dancing."

"Fragile Memories" is a video art series that explores the ephemeral nature of dance as a powerful metaphor for a way that our memories are formed, distorted and erased. These art pieces embrace the fragility, uncertainty, and flexibility inherent in our perception of the past.






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