BEHEADED explores the lore of the Tigerbob and Gossamer Rozen universe in two forms. The beheaded tiger debuted on the cover of Gossamer’s self-published zine, Grimoire (2019).

BEHEADED (SELF-PORTRAIT) is an expression of the artist’s reflection on the 14-month period starting the Tigerbob brand and beyond. The mystical female character is one of many who appear adjacent with Tigerbob in the Tigerbob Bestiary collection. Colored pencil and ink are Gossamer’s primary traditional illustrative medium.

BEHEADED (ITERATION 2) begins to address the mysterious and explicit central narrative about Tigerbob’s separated head and body. Part of the "Iteration" series, this piece was made in Google Sheets and uses conditional formatting across multiple animated panels. Colors were sampled from BEHEADED (SELF PORTRAIT).

Both pieces are inspired by arcane topics including grimoires (books of magic), tarot cards, sigils, automatic writing, and bestiaries (collections of beasts and the natural world) that exist in current and prior work. For Gossamer, art is a type of healing magic that comes directly from the mind and manifests into the world, taking many forms.

The narrative of Tigerbob exists in the Tigerbob Genesis collection, the Tigerbob Concepts & Myths collection, and the Tigerbob Bestiary collection of NFTs. Further explorations occur in physical works such as tapestries, tattoos, sculpture, wearable art and more.






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