byteGANg 1/1s

11 100% on-chain byteGANgs

Special byteGANs for Special Occasions

Each byteGan in the series was trained on a set of 8-bit images that Van Arman custom designed himself. Once trained, Van Arman was able to generate thousands of unique variations of the byteGANs including the 36 in these images. Van Arman then took his art a step further and compressed the byteGANgs more than 1,000,000X to make them compact enough to be embedded in a single transaction on the ethereum blockchain.

This digital image does not rely on file storage, but exists 100% on-chain where the byteGANs will dance for eternity. Put your token number into the artOnChain function to get a base64 string of the GIF. Copy/Paste this string into any number of places, including your browser search bar, to see the on-chain image.






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