deFOCUSed is a 100% on-chain, generative art project by Matto, where every token corresponds to a FOCUS token (Matto's second Art Blocks release).

FAQ: -How much? Just pay gas; it's totally free. (7.5% secondary royalties)

-How to claim? Directly from the smart contract on Etherscan. There is no deadline to claim.

-How on-chain? Entirely. deFOCUSed tokens are rendered by the smart contracts. They require no server, and there is no server to 'help.'

-Why does my deFOCUSed token look like my FOCUS token? The smart contract talks to Art Blocks' contract, and we do a little dance.

-How do I know if a FOCUS token has claimed its deFOCUSed token? The token numbers match; FOCUS #0 (Art Blocks tokenID 181000000) => deFOCUSed #0. Also, anyone can check the 'claim' value on etherscan for the FOCUS/deFOCUSed number. "0" means not claimed, "1" means claimed.

1 FOCUS = 1 deFOCUSed






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