Intricada means ‘interlaced’ in Old Occitan, a Romance language spoken in the south of France. This project explores the balance between emergence and control.

Emergence Intricada is created with autonomous agents drawing very small dots and following simple rules, positioned according to geometrical patterns. I’ve designed Intricada like a simulation, giving initial conditions and see what comes out of it. Each piece is the result of thousands of unpredictable consequences.

Variation This collection includes a very large number of possible variations. Some properties are specific to the agents and allow to define their rules, colors, number of children, angle… Many parameters influence the initial position and direction of the agents, palettes… Each combinaison creates a very unique output.

From far and near From a distance, an Intricada piece may look like intersecting circles, geometric patterns, confetti, a perspective design... When you get closer, you can see that these shapes are composed of multitudes of agent trajectories. Finally, if we get even closer, we can see that these trajectories are composed of points (several hundreds of thousands per output).

Interaction In live mode:

  • Press [s] to save an image to disk
  • Press [n] to toggle noise
  • Add &size=# to the end of the live view URL to render a variation of your edition at another resolution






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