'Mutual' by Moodsoup investigates the concept of (non-)duality, visualized by a triptych of interdependent outputs. This generative artwork consists of three distinct visual representations sharing a connection to a primary framework from which they cannot be detached. Although separate manifestations seem to exist, they all emerge from a common fundamental substrate. They are not disparate but are anchored to the same underlying structure.

The first state is the ordered state. Straight lines and strictly ordered shapes combine to hint at an aerial view of an urban landscape or an organized network. The second state is the excited state. Emotions, intuition and instinct thrive, nature takes over. The straight lines bend and warp to shape an organic, fragmented canvas. In the third state - the interaction - both states reach a certain equilibrium, mutually occupying a collective space.

When loading the algorithm a random default state is displayed. But the collector can manually cycle through these three states by clicking or tapping, or with the key combination:
 1-key - Ordered State
 2-key - Excited State
 3-key - Interaction State Check the console for info on the displayed state.

Each state can be exported as a high resolution file (for printing) with the following keys:
 4-key - Export hi-res file, 3600px wide 5-key - Export hi-res file, 4800px wide 6-key - Export hi-res file, 7200px wide Please be patient and give it some time to render.






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