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25% of primary proceeds will be donated to climate emergency action and awareness charities.


 ██▀███   ▄▄▄        ██████ ▄▄▄█████▓▓█████  ██▀███  
▓██ ▒ ██▒▒████▄    ▒██    ▒ ▓  ██▒ ▓▒▓█   ▀ ▓██ ▒ ██▒
▓██ ░▄█ ▒▒██  ▀█▄  ░ ▓██▄   ▒ ▓██░ ▒░▒███   ▓██ ░▄█ ▒
▒██▀▀█▄  ░██▄▄▄▄██   ▒   ██▒░ ▓██▓ ░ ▒▓█  ▄ ▒██▀▀█▄  
░██▓ ▒██▒ ▓█   ▓██▒▒██████▒▒  ▒██▒ ░ ░▒████▒░██▓ ▒██▒
░ ▒▓ ░▒▓░ ▒▒   ▓▒█░▒ ▒▓▒ ▒ ░  ▒ ░░   ░░ ▒░ ░░ ▒▓ ░▒▓░
  ░▒ ░ ▒░  ▒   ▒▒ ░░ ░▒  ░ ░    ░     ░ ░  ░  ░▒ ░ ▒░

Screens no longer only frame and display virtual spacetime. Connected together and surrounding us on all sides, their framings and displays have also opened, activated, and added another spatiotemporal dimension to the four in which all of us live. —Vivian Sobchack, From Screen-Scape to Screen-Sphere: A Meditation in Medias Res

An exploration of a technical concept I call "pixel overpainting."

Rasterized procedural brush strokes with low transparency slowly layer themselves over each other in a rhythmic loop until they achieve colorful equilibrium. They continue to overpaint themselves endlessly. The resulting color mixtures are then quantized and dithered to separate them into patches of pixels that recall the discrete materiality of the screen: a strictly digital variation on color field painting. The resulting texture is not a skeuomorphic grain but an overt reference to the universe of screens that surround us every day. Electric light arranged in a grid, fluttering and flickering everywhere all the time.

Please allow a few minutes for the colors to reach equilibrium. For best results use Chrome browser with enabled webGL and hardware acceleration. Though it is encouraged to explore the subtleties in viewing the same pixels on different hardware and software to reflect on the subjectivity of contemporary computer graphics and the materiality of CPUs, GPUs, resolutions, pixel densities, browser APIs, and other medium-specific entropy.

Press '1', '2', '4', '8' to change pixel sizes. Press 'p' or click canvas to pause/resume. Press 's' to grab a still frame. Press 'r' to re-paint.

Collectors will be eligible to receive a signed giclée print of a still frame of their mint as well as high-resolution looping media in GIF or lossless video format.

artist display notes
This project is graphics intensive. Rendering is best viewed in Chrome (at the highest resolution possible) on a desktop with a high end GPU. Minor differences in color density may be noticeable when displayed in different browsers or different resolutions. Due to the dithering effect, the project should be viewed at 400px or larger. Please ensure you are using the latest browser version.

library: p5js

license: CC BY-NC 4.0

creative credits: For their shader wizardry: Inigo Quilez, Ian McEwan, Adam Ferriss.

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