Art Blocks

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what is art blocks?

The Art Blocks project provides tools that dependably generate pseudo random outputs for digital, generative projects.

Genesis Project by @dacaldera

Genesis Project by @dacaldera

Art generated by the Blockchain

Art Blocks is a platform which allows digital artists and creatives to have their work react to the outputs of the Ethereum blockchain using smart contract technology. These smart contracts, known as Art Nodes, produce a non-fungible (unique) token which stores a hash string that can be used to produce generative output iterations.

Virtually any development platform, from Processing to Python, can make calls to Art Nodes and receive hash information. Creatives can use the characters contained in these hashes as parameters to control generative content within their work.

EtherCoil by @HEX0x6C

EtherCoil by @HEX0x6C


The Art Blocks platform establishes an innovative approach for creatives to encourage user interaction with their generative projects and create a potential revenue stream using the transparency of blockchain technology.



Please visit our Discord for more information on how you can implement this technology into your projects and to chat with other creatives interested in this project.


apply as an artist

Art Nodes are freely deployed for qualified creatives looking to connect a project to the Art Blocks platform. Click the button below to begin the application process.