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25% of proceeds will be given to the Everglades Foundation (through Endaoment)

Perpetua is a collection of generative weavings.

Fabric emerges from a series of binary choices as horizontal threads go over or under vertical threads. These decisions are interconnected, systematic, and give rise to an infinite variety of patterns, making weaving an ancient generative art. In essence, weaving is a practice of meticulous matrix multiplication calculated in threads.

We construct each Perpetua image, just like many weavers do, as the product of three binary matrices (the “treadling”, “tie-up”, and “threading”). This kind of design schematic is called a weaving draft and it allows us to converse with traditional weaving patterns and symbols while also extending into alien weavings that would be physically impossible to produce.

library: regl

license: CC BY-NC 4.0

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