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This descending auction has a start time of Oct 3, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC at the price of 1.5 Ξ and will exponentially decrease until the resting price of 0.15 Ξ is met.

price per token: -

25% of primary sales over 0.25 Ξ will be donated to Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UN Crisis Relief) through Crypto for Charity.

Disobedience to the rule, precarious balance of eccentric forms, crystallization of a fertile tension between virtual and material reality.

Here: none of that, whatever it means. D-D-Dots is essentially an excuse to play, and that’s what we did. We had fun staking, assembling, colouring, and then again destroying and rebuilding, just like we used to do in childhood. As we worked, the idea of the circuit became stronger and stronger, but only in its broadest sense. It could refer as much to branched-chain amino acids as to the complex network of an entire city, whose elements connect and exchange flows of any kind.

We like to keep reading them differently from time to time. However, once a work is finished, its author disappear, or at least no longer matters. What do you see there, rather?

library: p5js

license: NFT License 2.0

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