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Erratic : irregular in performance, behaviour, or attitude; inconsistent and unpredictable

One’s harmony with the world can become severed while experiencing stress. Feeling lost or confused within a clouded mind, struggling to call upon a creative muse, defending your self-worth against creeping doubts, and projecting flashes of anger towards others. This torrent of bubbling turmoil can sustain by fixating on the moments of chaos, past, and present. Continuing to feed the storm in this way ultimately will lead to burdensome strife and a ravaged mind.

As a nascent artist working to hone my artistic abilities and establish myself within a historical art movement, I have often experienced stress along my journey. This collection captures these internal struggles as fragmented waves of colour arranged across a spectrum of relative calms, chaotic bursts, and winding paths. Each piece reflects a unique sense of uncertainty.

My intent for Erratic was to challenge myself to create a purist’s form of generative art, wherein a set of randomized values are shaped to be used directly as inputs into an instruction path that is consistent in execution and does not use branching conditionals as a means of achieving variety in composition, colour or form. By actively rejecting predetermined features in favour of shaping a domain that is acted upon consistently, I felt I could achieve occurrences of uniquely identifiable emergent design that I otherwise may not have discovered. The work begins with a euclidean coordinate space intended to render a smoothed half-torus which is then randomly mutated through progressive iterations of translations, rotations, polar reflections, slices, twists, and distortions. This pattern of operations produces a nearly infinite set, shaped only by the defined input ranges, from which each piece will be minted. Any knowledge of the instantiated values before viewing could not lead to any reasonable prediction of what will be rendered.

URL Parameters

Editions can be rendered in custom aspect ratios/resolutions by using these URL parameters in live mode and are intended for generating desktop or mobile backgrounds, social media banners, and print-quality images for any frame size. Once generated, simply - right click, save as...

  • aspect=W:H - fits window to aspect ratio, from 3:1 to 1:3 ( ex: 16:9 | 5:4 | 1:1 )
  • xy=W:H - renders at resolution, min 500 for both W and H (ex: 1920:1080)
  • aa=N - renders at specified anti-aliasing (defaults to 2, maximum is 4)

Example URL for social media banner, with high AA samples:


artist display notes
The artwork requires a high memory GPU for many precision calculations; I cannot guarantee live results for older and/or mobile devices. You may experience crashes and inconsistencies. Please only use generated images when displaying the work, using a live render will negatively affect the viewing experience. If you want to print I'd suggest the original 3:2 aspect ratio, but I encourage creative curation choices digitally. If you're unable to generate an image via URL parameters, or encounter a rare unexpected result, I'm happy to fulfill image requests!

library: js

license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

creative credits: I'd like to thank Inigo Quilez for his wonderful shader tutorials and articles, as well as Piter Pasma for sharing so many code snippets and useful minification tips. I wouldn't have been able to learn as much as I have without these two extremely helpful and generous individuals.

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