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A curious child, bored and uninspired, Grasped a pen and a blank sheet of paper. With a flick of the wrist, he began to draw, Making small dots upon the page, unsure of what was in store.

But as he connected each dot with a line, A diamond shape began to take form. He smiled with pride as he looked upon his creation, A masterpiece born from idle exploration.

Years passed and the boy grew into a man, Sitting beside his computer, lost in thought. A flash of inspiration brought him back to that day, When he first discovered the beauty of the shape he had wrought.

He picked up his brush, and with a steady hand, Began to recreate the shape once more. Each stroke a memory, each line a reminder, Of the wonder and joy he felt as a boy before.

With a final flourish, he sat back and admired, His new creation, a work of art. And as he looked upon it, he felt a sense of triumph, For he had captured the magic of the child in his heart.

Imagine holding a pen and drawing with it backwards, As if each layer of ink would lay under the stroke before, A dance between past and present, A fusion of childhood wonder and adult mastery, forevermore.

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Asaf Slook

I create art using computer code

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10% of all proceeds will be donated to The Road to Recovery. Road To Recovery is an organization of volunteers who drive Palestinians undergoing medical treatment in Israeli hospitals to and from the crossings into Israel. We mostly drive children with severe ailments for whom medical treatments and procedures are unavailable in the West Bank or Gaza. For these children and their family guardians, logistics and travel costs to Israeli hospitals are prohibitive, particularly for patients requiring regular and recurring treatment.

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