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Good Vibrations

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Aluan Wang



Good Vibrations #836

About Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is a kind of philosophy from our culture. It's not just a graphic, or melody. It mentions our journey through all of our lives. Inspired by Minimalism and some works of Ligeti György Sándor and Steve Reich, Good Vibrations creates unique geometries by each unique transaction hash. "Everything in Life is Vibration" Albert Einstein's states. The universal law of nature states that everything has its vibration, and all vibrations will make their voice audible or inaudible. It’s all of our events in the totality of our life, from every dimension—and we cannot determine if they are good or bad, dark, or light.

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Aluan Wang

Living w/ digital art for more than 10 years.

Algorithmic edition of 1024
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