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Pizza 1o1 #137

About Pizza 1o1

Inspired by the inherent multiplicity that goes with the tradition of the dish, Pizza 1o1 is a generative script that is capable of producing over a million unique combinations of a Pizza.

Prepared and served differently across different countries and communities, Pizza 101 celebrates the generative nature of this Italian delicacy by offering a feature rich project that comes in various different shapes, sizes, sauces, loads of different toppings, a variety of cheeses and almost always some seasoning.

Just like a card game, where you can pit one pizza against the other for its unique composition.

Have fun minting.

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‘Kala’ is a sound. It's similar to the sound of कला as in art, कल as in tomorrow. I like to believe it’s a message that says ‘tomorrow is made of art’. I call myself Kala. Kala is also black.

Algorithmic edition of 200
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