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In Conversation with Stina Jones

by Jeff Davis

Stina Jones is an independent artist and designer, crafting whimsical narratives and imaginative worlds with an eye-catching blend of clean lines and vivid colors. Her distinctive illustration style is immediately recognizable, yet she continues to push her work forward through her curiosity for technology. We connected for a chat about her active art practice and upcoming project with Art Blocks, Algobots.
Jeff Davis: Hi Stina! Thanks for taking some time to chat. Standard first question, how did you first get into making art?
Stina Jones: It’s something I feel like I’ve always done, in a way. As a kid, I loved arts and crafts, and also had an interest in computers. As technologies advanced, my practice made a natural progression towards digital media from its more traditional roots.
GANOODLE_Stina Jones.png
Stina Jones, GANOODLE, 2021.
JD: How did your interest in digital media transition towards NFTs and crypto art?
SJ: Through KnownOrigin. They had just launched their minting platform at an event here in Manchester and I was so intrigued by what they were doing; the tech sounded incredibly innovative and the use cases were vast. I’ve been here learning and experimenting ever since!
JD: For sure, there are so many avenues to explore. How do you think your creative practice has grown over time?
SJ: Discovering generative and programmable art has added a whole new dimension to my practice; combining these processes with more traditional drawing techniques has completely blurred the lines between these fields of work for me. I’m having a lot of fun!
JD: I know you’re incredibly active, do you have any recent accomplishments you’d like to share?
SJ: I’m feeling very proud of the collaboration I’m finishing up with WOCA right now; a fully functional NFT tarot deck, featuring the twenty-two cards of the traditional Major Arcana, with each being interpreted by a different artist. We’re minting the deck on Async Art very soon, with a script that generates a three-card spread every twenty-four hours, so that anyone who views the token may interpret a daily reading for themselves.
Algobots (sketch)_Stina Jones_border.png
Stina Jones, Algobots, 2021. Sketch.
JD: Wow, that sounds amazing. Can’t wait to see it in action. Alright, let’s talk about Art Blocks. What was the inspiration behind Algobots?
SJ: Working with SVGs and doodling cute robots is something I’ve always enjoyed. If you look back through my work, you’ll find it’s a recurring theme! Much of my focus was around the process with this project; I’d draw up components, test their compatibility, then iterate as needed. Algobots evolved as a result of that process.
Algobots_#0_Stina Jones_border.png
Stina Jones, Algobots #0, 2021. 
JD: What should collectors look for in your project as the series is revealed?
SJ: These will be the first artworks I’ve put on the blockchain in a fully scalable vector format. I’m excited to be offering a NIFTY license with them too, as this will allow token holders to use the artwork commercially. It’s going to be interesting to see how collectors get creative with them!
JD: Anything else people should know to better understand your art?
SJ: I’ll often create pieces as a smaller part of a larger series, so my collections are best viewed as a whole. There are interwoven themes and deeper meanings that can be picked out if you sit with my work a little longer.
JD: And what’s the best way for people to follow your work?!
The best place to follow me is on Twitter—or you can visit my website. Thanks for chatting with me!
First published 9th April 2021:

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