Previewing the Art Blocks Curated Winter 2023–2024 Program cover photo


Previewing the Art Blocks Curated Winter 2023–2024 Program

by Art Blocks Editorial

The Curated collection includes projects that have been selected by Art Blocks’ Curation Board for their world-class innovation, technical rigor, and aesthetic beauty. Art Blocks is proud to preview a selection of the artists and collections coming this winter on

Proscenium by Remnynt

Release Date: Winter 2024
Remnynt, Proscenium #1, 2024.
Proscenium is a generative geometry that starts as the snapshot of a world and ends as paint on canvas. It defines a set of instructions to produce a self-painting landscape where the laws of physics are reimagined; paint can bounce like rubber and the land itself is a canvas that collapses from three dimensions down to two. Proscenium’s world is adorned with stylized structures, above which formations of paint drops are suspended in the air.
Jimmy Griffith (remnynt) is a systems artist living in Asheville, NC. Harnessing a lifelong obsession with digital media, world-building, and generative algorithms, he seeks to capture feelings of joy and wonder within the emergent behaviors arising from layers of simple rules; he pursues aesthetics that reflect natural beauty and the sublime through the lenses of human experience and self expression. While exploring the EVM as a medium for art making, he founded, releasing generative works vibes (2021) and the reliquary (2022); in the years prior, he spent a decade in the games industry where he designed, developed, and created the award-winning game EverWing (2016), which reached a global audience in the hundreds of millions.

Melancholic Magical Maiden by Emi Kusano

Release Date: Winter 2024
Emi Kusano, Melancholic Magical Maiden, 2024. Test output. Animated view.
Melancholic Magical Maiden deconstructs elements of 1990s Japanese animation, exploring themes of femininity and societal pressures within these narratives. The "magical girl" genre, where young heroines battle using magical powers, has continually evolved. While it has provided empowerment, it has also occasionally perpetuated gender stereotypes, presenting a complex duality. Kusano reinterprets the color palettes of girl-oriented and robot animations from her childhood as a tempest of memories on the screen. In this collection, elements of these animations are combined with lines from Japanese heroines learned through AI, resulting in captions that balance intrigue and discomfort as they intertwine with gender biases and societal echoes.
Emi Kusano, a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, employs AI to merge past and future aesthetics, challenging our perceptions of art and technology. Her work, gracing the cover of WWD Japan and featured in Christie’s and Gucci auctions, has been internationally exhibited at venues like the Saatchi Gallery and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. As a co-founder of “Shinsei Galverse,” she pioneers in the Web3 artistic movement, leveraging AI in anime creation.

Växt by Tengil

Release Date: January 24, 2024
Tengil, Växt, 2023. Test output.
Växt (Growth/Plant) is an attempt at two things: capturing the emotion of walking in a garden and an exercise in combining micro and macro in a single canvas. With this series, Tengil provokes the collector’s senses to associate the artworks with scents, flowers, plants, nature, gardens. Växt is a continuation in the artistic journey of Tengil. Strong inspiration from nature combined with thoughts on the digital world combine to form thought-provoking artworks that give more the longer and closer one looks. From afar, the pieces explore the boundaries of abstraction. They provoke memories of scent using visual stimuli. Up close, there is a microcosmos of texture reminiscent of vast mountains aiming to balance and ground the scenes in familiar terrain.
Tengil is an artistic autodidact based in the south of Sweden. He has a background in engineering and marine ecology, merging algorithmic precision with natural exploration. His algorithmic art is rooted in concepts, emotions, memories and questions inspired by nature. His works have been exhibited at Koami Art Festival in Gothenburg and at Vellum in Los Angeles. His previous Art Blocks release Nära explores the connections that make us human.

Cytographia by Golan Levin

Release Date: January 10, 2024
Golan Levin, Cytographia, 2023. Test output. Animated view.
Cytographia is an elegy for species we will never know, or will never know again, expressed through generative illustrations from an imaginary book about imaginary organisms. The artwork depicts speculative cell structures whose appearances and movements arise emergently and in response to real-time user interactions. An algorithmic “neoincunabulum of xenocytology,” Cytographia presents an interactive diagram of a one-celled microorganism, styled to evoke a hand-drawn engraving. Cytographia represents a culmination of several long-time threads in Golan Levin’s thirty-year oeuvre of interactive software art, including research into responsive blobs (e.g. Polygona Nervosa, 1997); artificial life (e.g. Obzok, 2001); the use of physics simulations in computational drawing (e.g. Floccus, 1999) and the algorithmic generation of asemic writing systems (e.g. Alphabet Synthesis Machine, 2002).
Golan Levin is an artist, engineer, researcher and educator interested in new intersections of machine code, visual culture, and critical making. His projects have engaged themes and materials such as generative animation, interactive gestural robotics, the tactical potential of personal digital fabrication, new aesthetics of nonverbal interaction, and information visualization as a mode of critical inquiry. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), has appeared in the Whitney Biennial, and he has received grants from Creative Capital and the Rockefeller MAP Fund. Levin has also worked with the MIT Media Laboratory, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Interval Research Corporation, and the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology. Levin is also a Professor of new media art in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University and co-author of “Code as Creative Medium” (MIT Press, 2021).

Blind Spots by Shaderism

Release Date: December 13, 2023
Shaderism, Blind Spots #0, 2023. Animated view.
Blind Spots is a series of abstract intimate portraits that distill human existence into two elements, the hidden essence of consciousness and the tangible shell of personality. These elements are represented in the form of a glass sculpture. Blind Spots serves as a depiction of my mental journey, transforming abstract thought patterns into a solidified artifact in the medium of generative art. The narrative is inspired by the diverse ways in which we perceive each other, a theme born from countless personal encounters. Articulated through two elements within each portrait, Blind Spots presents a visual metaphor for a human. This duality also echoes our presence on social media—carefully crafted showcases projecting a polished persona while concealing the authentic self.
Arttu Koskela (Shaderism) is a generative artist and creative developer based in Bansko, Bulgaria. He crafts artworks that explore concepts of playfulness and self-reflection by using real-time graphics, frequently also incorporating interactivity, simulations, and audio-visual elements. His artwork has been exhibited at Responsive Dreams generative art exhibition and Latent festival in Spain. He holds a degree in arts from University of Hertfordshire.

Naïve by Olga Fradina

Release Date: November 22, 2023
Olga Fradina, Naïve #0, 2023. Animated view.
Drawn from the intuitive nature of creativity, Naïve is a tribute to innate artistry, with inspiration from the vibrant hues and raw forms of renowned Ukrainian primitivists. Fradina identifies deeply with the naïve artist’s journey—entering uncharted territories in generative art with raw emotion and curiosity. Embracing this naïveté, Naïve merges the mathematical rigidity of coding with curiosity and play to form unexpected shapes, colors, and solutions. 
Olga Fradina is a generative artist and interior designer living in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her work is characterized by abstract and biomorphic forms as well as an exploration of emotional states. Her creative programming work has been exhibited internationally at Verse, Unit London, and Hodlers, and her interior design projects have been published in publications such as Dezeen, Architectural Digest and Elle Decoration. Fradina studied Graphic Design at the Kyiv Art and Industrial Institute.

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