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Electralina is a wife and husband collaboration between Alina Karo and Ryan Junee. Alina started her professional career as a fashion photographer in 2004 and by 2006 she was working with top modeling agencies in Paris, London, New York and Moscow, with her photographs featured in Vogue, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, L’Officiel, Interview, Numero, Tatler, Elle, Marie-Claire and many others. In 2014 she turned her attention from the commercial fashion industry towards artistic independent work and created collections like “Seven Deadly Sins'' and “Vollipsis” that were exhibited at galleries in Paris, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Combining the elegant poses of high fashion with the grotesque, the anti-sexual and with stunning disregard for what is expected, she told the story of society’s increasing consumerism, environmental destruction, false idols and the irony of modern trendy spirituality. Continuing her artistic journey, the rise of NFTs and digital generative art caught her eye and became her newest medium for exploration in collaboration with her husband. Ryan has a background in programming and technology, originally studying engineering at Stanford University. He always believed coding was an art form - an elegantly written algorithm inspires the same feelings of beauty as a painting or a sculpture. He is particularly attracted to abstract art, perhaps due to its similarity to code. Collaborating with Alina on Identity has been the perfect marriage of art and code (pun intended).

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