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Olga Fradina is a generative and digital artist from Ukraine. She has been engaged in interior design for over twenty years, has considerable experience and international recognition in this field. In the last year and a half, she became interested in and devoted herself to researching the possibilities of generative art. In search of a personal unique style, at the beginning of 2022, Olga began a series of experiments with the help of various software applications. She works with procedural 3D graphics and creative coding, looking for her own approach to using the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Fradina's works are characterized by abstract and biomorphic forms, as well as a focus on the study of emotional states. Characteristic features of Olga's creative practice are a deep understanding of the moment of chance in generative art, and a reflection of the dynamic relationship between human and machine elements of creativity. The works of the author offer to observe the changes and influences that their technologies can have on our perception of the creative process.

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Olga Fradina

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