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WillStall is a Philadelphia based generative artist who specializes in shaders. With math as his paintbrush, he creates unique worlds heavily inspired by impossible geometry, non-euclidean worlds, and light transport theory. Willstall’s technical art journey originates in his youthful years, where he was spellbound by the allure of Computer Arts Magazine (1995), the immersive worlds of Video Games (cue Quake in 1996), and the pioneering days of Macromedia Flash (also circa 1996). The crucible of his artistic upbringing was set amidst the award-winning games studio, Cipher Prime. In these pivotal years, he not only designed beautiful art-house games but also created captivating installations that graced museums, art exhibitions, festivals, and live concerts. This is where his artistic odyssey truly ignited. After nearly a dozen years of crafting games he began a transformation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art crafting immersive exhibits. It was during this phase that he was inspired by ‘everyday artists’ like Beeple and began a daily practice of creating mathematical sketches in the form of Fragment Shaders. This is the foundation of his work today.

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