Eric De Giuli

Eric De Giuli (alias EDG) is a theoretical physicist and generative artist. His professional work centres on the emergence of complexity in the universe; current research projects focus on the origin of life and the emergence of language. He has published dozens of articles in the leading physics journals, and is the recipient of numerous awards. His generative art practice has developed in parallel with his professional interests. Early work (Generative Landscapes, 2002-2006) explored the complexity of geological forms. Recent work takes cues from scientific questions and asks how alternate worlds might differ from our own (Alien Tongues; Alien Codex; Spectral Beings. 2021). Most recently, he has tended towards abstraction (Stitched; Mazinaw. 2022), and on the interpretation of quantum mechanics (Glass, 2022). The latter two releases are on the Artblocks platform.




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