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Faceless is inspired by the refugee and immigrant experience. It pays homage to the individuals that have helped over 25 million refugees flee their homeland to find peace and safety elsewhere. Oftentimes, as was the case with my family, it takes the bravery and generosity of a community of individuals, some whose faces will never be known to you, to have the opportunity to reach true freedom and safety. Faceless aspires to share a story of displacement and resilience with the world, and, in turn, give back to the communities that help people in their most critical moments.

Focusing on 2D silhouettes, Faceless is inspired by the Bauhaus designs of the 1920s and illustrates raw human form in a reimagined, colorful, and familiar way. Each output includes faces that are uniquely mapped onto the canvas, meaning no two works will feature the exact same silhouette. Silhouettes are arranged, colored, scaled, and distorted to remind us of the diversity, beauty, and pain that can be found in each unique story.