Anni, in 1935, you came here in Mexico.

The first trip of a long series that inspired you. As a human. As an artist.

It was an important step in your artistic journey. You learned and discovered so much from this culture. Its influence awakened you even further. Your craft evolved.

Now I wonder, Anni… what did you find there? How can I evolve myself? How to awake?

With this series, inspired by you, my practice and my own experience , I found something, too. Like you, I like to explore "tactile sensibility" along with colors. How can I connect with someone else with those things alone?

Do we really need to touch things to feel them?

I wonder… Have you ever tried to weave with algorithmic paint, Anni? Maybe you did actually? I saw you were already using paint to sketch your pieces… I'm curious what you would be able to do with the tools of my times…

So many questions but so little time, isn't it?

Best, William






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