~ 'For you are dust, and to dust, you shall return' ~ Genesis 3:19

This specific passage of the Genesis, speaks about how the certainty of death should serve us as a reminder to remain humble in life. Within my agnostic interpretation, it is more of a call for a sustainable, ethical and mindful way of life.

3:19 is a chronological conjecture, a reflective proposition about the future, and a speculative evaluation of our present. Rocks symbolize the unavoidable progress of time, like dust clusters containers to millennia of evolution. Despite we think of them as immutable objects, rocks are time-based generative organisms. Depicting eras of existence through colorful layers assembled in complex and captivating patterns serves as a 'live' reminder that, no matter how much we avoid thinking of the future, it will, eventually, catch up with us.

Despite being capable of generating thousands of combinations via color and shape, only 19 iterations will ever see the day of light, remaining the rest voided in the obliviousness of time. Since after all, let's not forget, we are all dust, and to dust, we will return.

→ Explore by 'dragging' the rock around. → Navigate time using the keyboard's 'left' and 'right' arrows.






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