80s Pop Variety Pack - for experts only 🕹

As the sun sets on the 70s, things become bigger, bolder and brasher. 80s Pop enters a new decade of extravagance with cutting-edge vector graphics, stylish modern patterns, cable TV and mainframe access.

A celebration of 1988, a whole year of games, tech and art crammed into one variety pack. The only way we could fit more in would be to put it on laserdisc.

Purchasing is suggested for expert users only and those already familiar with 70s Pop; fortune shines on the brave, and rarity is an illusion.

Keyboard controls - not mobile Space - Start, perhaps. , . - Left/Right, sometimes. Q A P L - Up-ish, Down-ish, other times. s - Save screenshot (slow). h - Toggle highrez (even slower).

Interactive elements are for desk/laptop only as they require keyboard input, Chrome recommended for the smoothest experience. Highscores 👀 may be kept in localStorage on your browser.






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