Inside the endless number of creative approaches, there are many ways to create music & generative art. All we have is basically “symbols” with their assigned meanings.

Programming, in its nature, can be explained in a set of rules. We have functions for meaning, numbers for value, output as a result; Nicolas, as a creator, is the programming brain who have interest in music.

Music, in its nature, can be explained in a set of rules. We have notation for meaning, numbers for time, sound as a result; Han, as a creator, is the musical brain who have interest in programming.

Starting from the regular linear music partition method similar to drum machines, changing it in a circular way similar to ticking clocks, subdividing the time, generating the sounds with oscillators, composing the code for the loop, adding layers as instruments; Algo(Beats) turns into a digital music box where the rhythm and music can be represented with colors and motions.

In Algo[Rhythms] we explored the music scales, in Algo(Beats) we are exploring the rhythms and sounds. We expect musicians to use and inspire by Algo. We think they have the potential be a tool for music projects which can live in blockchain forever. This is an approach for generative on-chain music. An automated rhythm generator in blockchain which tries to find the rhythms and patterns that humans didn't notice yet. Think of it like a fun improvisation tool created by two friends.

You should try some keys on your keyboard, we like easter eggs!






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