Apophenies is an exploration of our innate human drive to find patterns - even in places where they might not exist.  Our brains, remarkably efficient, sift through vast amounts of information on just a few watts of electricity. Yet, this efficiency sometimes leads us to perceive connections that might only exist in our individual perceptions. Consider the moments when you've gazed at a cloud and had an apophenia: a face or some other familiar shape suddenly became clear to you, but the person next to you sees something entirely different. An apophenia, like art, is personal.  No two people experience or interpret it in the same way. 

Apophenies, an adaptation of the word “Apophenia,” underscores the series' theme of subjective interpretation. Each artwork is composed of randomly overlapping shapes. When these shapes intersect, they occasionally form patterns that will seem vaguely familiar. It's a testament to our inherent need to derive meaning from the world around us, even in pure randomness. 

This series isn't just about what you see, but how you interpret. It's a call to reflect on our individual and collective tendencies to create meaning, even when faced with nothingness. 

Key Commands: 1 : Reload the animation 2 : View the x-axis edge gradient 3 : View the y-axis edge gradient 4 : View the offscreen buffer composition S : Save JPG

URL Parameters: ?highres=6 : Pass higher numbers for higher resolutions, then press 's' to save






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