Assorted Positivity

This series delves into a glitch style technique called pixel sorting, which is generally known to be used as a post-processing method in photography. Pixel sorting is a procedure that isolates segments of pixels and sorts their positions based on any number of criteria (i.e. luminosity, hue, saturation).

Assorted Positivity is a generative approach to making pixel sorting art without any photographic base. The algorithm uses several types of noise to generate an initial design, each one unique to the token and specifically conducive to pixel-sorting. The sorting displaces pixels in various directions based on their grayscale value; and hues determine how the sorting ends. Sometimes the sorting lends itself to a sort of drip look and other times it presents itself as depth and shading.

This project was initially influenced by my desire to sort past the ubiquitous negativity online and focus on the positivity, generosity, and genuine thoughtfulness that I have witnessed around this genart space--with collectors, artists, and people who simply appreciate the community.

Integrated into each piece is an uplifting adjective that is visible, yet blended into the art. At a glance, the viewer may not notice the steganographic message that is conveyed by an international visual method of telegraphing words. Each word is one that I imagine being used to describe people in the community, their actions, artists, and/or their work.

Every output brings me joy, and is a reminder to treat others with kindness and positivity.

Watch as the pixels sort themselves out.

Rendering is best viewed in Chrome on a desktop with a high end GPU.

A portion of the proceeds will go toward the international Make-A-Wish Foundation in the hopes of bringing some joy to critically ill children around the globe.






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