Axo is an abstraction of the human mental condition.

Each work has neurons. Each neuron has a nucleus at its source and fires electrical signals searching for synaptic connections.

The signals, or in this case, pixels, act in accordance with the current mental state, which periodically enters states of stress, awareness, re-centering, reprogramming, and more.

The work explores the brain’s ability to change its synaptic pathways, materializing our cognitive flexibility and rigidity, inviting us to consider what barriers prohibit growth and positive change. Axo is part observation of my own mental state and part research, analysis, and reflection.

We are all a node on the societal network. The effects of our individual state ripple out impacting the network as a whole. As such, each Axo can be connected with and influence other works in the collection. Awareness can spread and evolve the network, or stress can cause chaos.

Axo opens a dialogue on personal growth and societal change at the intersection of cognitive science, art, and technology, inviting us to envision a better existence and a harmonious network, underlining that this utopia is only a shift in perspective away.

Axo is fully responsive & built using my pixel-easing algorithm. Pure javascript. 19kb.


Each Axo has a default state, though the viewer can also take control and influence its state of mind using the following keys:

"a" => awareness Toggles awareness

"f" => freak out Toggles a freak out.

"p" => stuck in past Toggles being stuck in the past. May not do much while in awareness.

"c" => centered Toggles centering the state of mind.

"d" => disabled fate Disabled fate disables any auto-state changes, so the state of mind will only change with interaction.

"w" => willed experience Axo can be curated by the viewer and replayed later. By pressing W, all interactions up to that point will be collected and the work will reload with a new link that can be saved and replayed at any time.

"0-9" => rigid pathways at specified reprogramming

Axo’s current state can be preserved at any of the first ten states of mind. If a viewer were to press 8, Axo would flow through the first seven changes, then stop at the 8th state change.

"z" => scale up "x" => scale down

Scale up/down to view in more detail, improve performance, or just gain a different perspective.

"s" => save a still

Each Axo can be curated using the keyboard, query string, and/or programmatically posting messages from a host page.

Axo is an art project by S. Ryan O'Connor, aka jiwa.






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