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Colorspace is a tribute to creating on the computer. An animated painting with programed brushes, erasers, and accents. Based on the gestures of classic screensavers and operating system UI elements.

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I was inspired by the file size limits of storing on Ethereum. Cutting edge technology meets a floppy disc. It reminded me of my original software tools: MacPaint, Kid Pix, HyperCard, on a black and white Mac Classic II. Colliding with a decked out gaming computer, running an arsenal of software, in millions of colors.

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I hope Colorspace evokes the fun of learning new software, the trance like state of a late night coding session, and the anxiety of a HDD failure at a critical deadline.

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C:\> start selfPromotion.exe

 > Hi, my name is Tabor Robak.  > I've been making art on the computer my whole life.  > My work is collected by institutions like The MET, MoMA, and the Whitney.  > I'm a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.  > I've collabed with brands like Balenciaga and Microsoft.  > I've taught at NYU and lectured at Yale.  >  > This is my first NFT project.



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 Shutdown only while UI is active.  Keyboard controls will activate  after clicking once within canvas.


S͎̈́̚ͅYS̟̝̾̂T̠̻̝Ë̵͎M̠̝͇̄̏͛ ̱͇̠ͤ̏͑F͞A̤̤Î̖͇̓Lͥͫ̏̀Ŭ̻R̤̩̭̋ͣ̃E̘̭̐̏ ͙̟͗̅CR̵̩͉̟͂͊̇I̹̻̬ͦ̓ͫṮ̥̖I͗́ͥ͏C̨A̴͓̣ͨ͌L ͚̦͇̆͐̒ER͝R̴͇͓̃͋O̘̽͜R






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