Cosmic Reef

“A particular order can be found in deepest space, in our oceans and forests, and in all living things, including ourselves – a unified code producing endless variation. Gravity and cosmic winds shape star-forming nebulas into coral-like forms. Flowers self-organize in radial symmetry with signals hidden from the human eye. Stars are birthed, explode, collapse, and are reborn. Invertebrates move on the tides of oceans, signaling with ever-changing bioluminescence. Light bends time as events unfold in our own lives.”

Cosmic Reef reflects on the ordered randomness in nature, capable of producing beauty and symmetry. The individual works begin with a simple geometry that becomes more complex through composed dynamic layers, each born of a combination of human control and computational chance.

Leo Villareal creates intricate sculptures that speak to the underlying rules and structures of systems for both gallery and public settings. He is interested in exploring ways to express this through base units such as pixels and binary code. Villareal is most known for two monumental public artworks: The Bay Lights, a site-specific light sculpture that occupies the entire western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and Illuminated River, a series of generative light sculptures installed on nine bridges over the River Thames in London.


“Z”: Journey along the Z-axis

Cosmic Reef is graphics intensive & requires a WebGL2-enabled browser.






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