Disobedience to the rule, precarious balance of eccentric forms, crystallization of a fertile tension between virtual and material reality. Here: none of that, whatever it means.

D-D-Dots is an attempt to abandon all intellectualization and to learn to play again. As Schiller argued, "Man is human only when he plays", because that is when creative imagination is completely unleashed.

In this perspective, our focus shifted from the final result to the acts that generate it. Disregarding any specific purpose, we lost ourselves in stacking, assembling, colouring simple shapes, and then again destroying and rebuilding, just like we used to do in childhood. Fun and discovery in the process were the purpose.

While playing, the idea of network with its nodes and connections became stronger and stronger, but only in its broadest sense. It could evoke the image of branched-chain amino acids as well as the prototype of a boardgame, or even the complex structure of an entire city, whose elements converse and exchange flows of any kind. The continuous oscillation between abstract and figurative corresponds to the continuous oscillation of meaning, just as it happens in the playful dimension.

We keep interpreting these images differently every time we look at them. In any case, once "work" is done its author disappears, or at least no longer matters. So, what do you see there, instead?






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