Dendro is a generative art project inspired by the beauty of tree rings. Each year, trees add a new ring to their trunks, recording their growth and responding to the changing seasons and environmental conditions. These rings tell a story of the tree's life. By replicating these patterns, the project captures the rhythmic and organic qualities of nature.

In this project, I wanted to explore the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of tree rings through code-based art. I used a generative algorithm to simulate the growth of virtual trees, generating patterns that resemble the annual rings of real trees, but with a twist. Instead of using traditional circular or oval shapes, I experimented with different geometric forms and noise. I also played with colors and instead of using earthy and realistic colours, the palettes are inspired by the richness and diversity of the natural world.

The algorithm works by starting with the outer most ring, which over time grows towards an arbitrary chose center according to certain rules and parameters. Each iteration adds a new layer of shapes inside the previous one, mimicking the accumulation of tree rings. I introduced random mutations and variations, which introduce unexpected and unpredictable outputs, evoking the unpredictability of natural processes.

Each artwork is inviting the viewer to contemplate the complexity and diversity of nature. I hope that this project will inspire others to explore the wonders of nature and to experiment with code-based art as a means of expression and exploration.






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