For everyone that should still be there.

For everyone that went through hell and came back.

For everyone that stood on the sidelines, helpless.

For everyone that fights, day in and day out.

We all deal with unexpected events in different ways - you can never be ready for the worst. What happens to the soul when you get too close to the end? How will you perceive the crossing to whatever awaits?

Will you be alone?

Or will you see the souls of the other Departed?

  Departed deals with the uncertainty of life, feelings of helplessness and how we might be losing touch with our humanity when everything is online, when you are not allowed to see your relatives, when you are not allowed to be with them - even at the worst of times, when you can not even know what is happening. Departed is a representation of what the people close to me might be going through.

An experiment in composition that pushes everything I do to new extremes (with familiar elements), Departed works around creating various layers with different centers of interest, from colours to shapes, textures to frame.






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