Desde Lejos

Desde Lejos is a series of generative digital paintings that explore the realms of memory and perception. Using nostalgia and pixels to create digital scenery, I revisit places and moments now part of my distant past. These fragmented landscapes are my interpretation of the prompt “On-chain, Off-line” for the Bright Moments Buenos Aires collection.

Controls: X : Pause Z : Play D : Pause + Dither S : Save current frame as PNG Click and Drag : Add new particles

URL Parameters: ?size=0 : Render at window resolution (default) ?size=1 : Render at 1920x1280px ?size=2 : Render at 2400x1600px ?size=3 : Render at 3000x2000px ?size=4 : Render at 4500x3000px ?size=5 : Render at 6000x4000px

Different resolutions might slightly affect the dithering patterns on the images.

Thomas Noya, 2023







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