Dream Engine

Ladies and gentlemen, imagine a world where NFT artistry and creative coding merge, ushering in a revolutionary era of interactive masterpieces unlike anything you've ever seen before, or will ever witness again. Enter "Dream Engine," a pioneering creation within the Web3 landscape that transcends belief and beckons you to explore the unknown.

In the ethereal realm of Dream Engine, you're invited to peer into the inner musings of the blockchain as it envisions the unfathomable. It's like gazing into a mirror that reflects our digital souls. As you contribute your essence through simple interactive play, you'll witness your unique self transmuted into a symphony of sound and a solor system of color, light and numbers, constantly connecting within the intricate web of the blockchain. For the first time ever, it's a journey into your very identity, dormant DNA brought to life to reveal who you truly are.

Dream Engine is a mesmerizing blend of auditory and visual abstraction, serenading you with tranquil frequencies tailored to your individual spirit. It responds to your simple interactions, producing psychoacoustic music that unveils your essence through a cosmic mirror. Each creation is an exclusive ode to you, marked by its distinct, intrinsic hashtag, until you begin to interact and create your own words, your name, it then reflects you in sound and vision. That goes for any word you speak or type in it. See and hear what your kids sound and look like, your family, its Endless and SAFE locked on the blockchain. It is a first profound connection that we created to the elusive blockchain.

But this is no ordinary art "on the chain." Dream Engine is "chain native," deeply interwoven into the blockchain's fabric, capable of weaving a unique audio-visual tapestry that can never be replicated. The code breathes life into an ever-evolving symphony of colors and forms, reflecting each of you equally, yet uniquely, with the healing power to calm your souls, and of course all anonymous.

Drawing inspiration from graph theory, creative coding, mathematics, Einstein's relativity, Leonardos cryptic mathematical computer cyphers, and the music of orchestras going back centuries when they were allowed to play every hertz to evoke feeling in their compositions and audiences. This was broken down in the 1920s when 4/4 songs became the standard and the law as 44 Hertz which was the magic number for listeners to buy music. It was propaganda to sell records.

However, Dream Engine transports you to the past and future simultaneously. This is how music has alway been meant to be heard. with no bounds on Hertz, making it healing, soothing, creative and meditative.

Dream Engine works by charting a course across neighboring nodes, crafting constant evolving soundscapes, each note originating from the very letters of its cryptographic code, which existed from the Renaissance. These tones are not merely audible; they paint a vivid and unparalleled picture with unique and healing hues and harmonies which massage the essence of our psyche. Dream Engine resonates with hypnotic, therapeutic melodies that flow in waves, eliciting crests and lulls within your sphere of creation, meditation, and dreams. Each Dream Engine is a product of its immutable hash, yet you possess the power to metamorphose it into a vessel of artistic expression, allowing you to orchestrate your own narrative and essence between 88 hertz and 880hertz, which is used to sooth people.

You can play it like an instrument or experience it in a massive exhibition on giant screens or listen on your headphones. Click 'play' to immerse yourself into its magical music and visuals or play a thousand of them at once to create an ever-changing orchestra, always healing, always calming, always in sync with you, your neighbors any accompanying Dream Engines. They will never go out of sync or harmony no matter if you played all 2048 of them at once in one room. Id like to see that - wouldn’t you? And of course, you can simply use it to listen to the blockchain while watching it dream. This was its original start point, but it grew into a profound machine.

But we must ask ourselves, as Philip K. Dick did, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" By interactively unleashing your inner selves into Dream Engine, you will transcend to birth your own Electric Sheep, known as "The Dream Composition." In synergy with its sibling, my first Artblocks project, Talking Blocks, an enchanting audio-visual feedback loop that listens to its environment, forms, fusing Dream Engine with the blockchain's endless possibilities, Talking Blocks and you at the center. It’s truly profound. Dream Engine inhabits a 4th dimension that was previously hidden from view, a space that raises the question: Are there ghosts in the machine? The answer lies within your hands.

To embark on this surreal journey go and play with Dream Engine. To discover and explore more hidden secrets of my work, including over 20,000 hand-drawn images, paintings, coded generated collections, NFTs and other latest work of mine in AI, visit the link. These past four years have been some of the most productive in my 25 year career and hold some of my proudest artworks.

Your support is greatly appreciated as we move forward.

Embrace the wonder of "Dream Engine" and witness the birth of a new artistic epoch that transcends the boundaries of imagination and innovation. This is your opportunity to own a piece of history, a masterpiece that will resonate for hundreds of years, maybe longer through the echoes of time. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking creation that beckons you to explore the infinite possibilities of the blockchain and how you fit within it.. Enjoy ... https://linktr.ee/remocamero






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