flora, fauna, false gods & floods

eternity stirs

my finger stirred the pool. iridescent specks at this distance. molecules separated by infinities, attracted by a gentle gesture. matter built on reducible complexity, remarkable what emerges from the soup.

the specks of light flash for a moment, then flame out. the arc of their burning wick painting pictures; heating arguments; bleeding in the darkness.

helpless to start or stop anything, bodies in motion, tending to stay in motion, until the fuel runs out.

can there be beauty in pain?

Flora, Fauna, False gods & Floods continues a theme I began in Beauty in the Hurting. When turbulent acts of god subvert best-laid plans, is there beauty in the broken images of life we leave behind?

Left alone, these images would resolve to nearly symmetrical dreamlike ink blots of meaning: a flower, a feathered creature, or a figure of worship. In fact, what is most beautiful in their image may lay outside the frame.

The final resting frame in each composition does not paint the whole picture. You must go looking for it. Interact with each composition by following the controls below.


  • a key - download transparent uncropped print
  • s key - download print


  • f key - toggle speed up / slow down at 5x speed
  • h key - toggle speed up / slow down at 20x speed
  • r key - reset the camera view
  • click/touch - while rendering, toggles between full view and follow view, when finished, cycles through zoom levels
  • click/touch and drag - change the cropping of the image
  • click/touch again after dragging - restore the default image crop for the current zoom level






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