Fushi No Reality - フシノゲンジツ

Fushi ( Japanese for immortality / eternal life ) is a concentration study to help those who might need help to slow down in their lives, those who get lost in their thoughts, and those who need a focus point to stand up.

No Reality is an invitation to contemplation.

It acts as a support to our emotional levels and aims to enhance our environment by guiding us into a meditation state. Both contemplation and meditation have proven to have a positive impact on improving mental and physical health. 

Consciousness, Healing arts, and spirituality, Fushi No Reality is a window through surrealities. A procedural immortal healing ritual unlocking our capacity to cure ourselves. 

Each surreality is forged from a real-time organic system running in an infinite and perpetual movement, crafted from chaos and noise-domain explorations. From a computing point of view, there is no distinction between visually random noise and mastered noise. They are both an output of the same algorithm perceived by our brain as a signal. From a soul point of view, the difference is the perception and what we, humans, do qualify as pleasing, perceptible, or intriguing.

Exploration, observation, and modulation are key to this vast pandemonium of chaos. A creative process to re-forge shapes we already observe in our world’s best inspiration: Nature.

This inspiration directed Fushi No reality towards Landscape art/cloth art mixed with vaporware aesthetics, slow movement, and peaceful color palettes. 
A light beam travels through each surreality to guide a few voyaging spirits across the landscape. Portrait or landscape, the surrealities are meant to be displayed in both ways, viewers may look at generative cloth swirling and sci-fi planetary landscapes. 

The more adventurous may move their cursor to the top or bottom to live a faster healing experience.

No one can bring you peace but yourself, but this time, let’s travel together.


[Fushi no reality / フシノゲンジツ]ハ、シサクへノショウタイジョウデス。 ワタシタチノカンジョウレベルヲサポートスルヤクワリヲハタシ、メイソウジョウタイヘトミチビクコトデ、ワタシタチノカンキョウヲヨリイイモノ二スルコトヲモクテキトシテイマス。メイソウトジュクコウハドチラモ、シンシンノケンコウゾウシン二イイエイキョウヲアタエルコトガショウメイサレテイマス。




コノインスピレーションハ、[Fushi no reality / フシノゲンジツ]ヲ、ジョウキセンノビガク、ユックリトシタハタラキ、オダヤカナシキチョウヲマゼタフウケイガヤクロスアートニムカワセマシタ。コウセンハソレゾレノチョウゲンジツヲトオリヌケ、フウケイヲヨコギルスウジンノコウカイタマシイヲミチビキマス。ポートレートヤフウケイナド、チョウゲンジツハリョウホウノホウホウデテンジサレルコトヲイトシテアリ、カンショウシャハジェネレーティブナヌノノウズマキヤSFテキナワクセイノフウケイヲナガメルコトガデキマス。

ヨリボウケンテキナヒトハ、カーソルノウエカシタカニハタラカシテ、ヨリハヤイイヤシノタイケンヲスルコトモデキマス。 ヘイワヲモタラスノハジブンジシンダケデスガ、コンカイハイッショニタビヲシテミマショウ。






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