Generative Alchemy

Generative Alchemy is a versatile utility NFT collection that provides a toolset for divination, spell-casting, meditation, sacrifice, spirit worship (benign or otherwise), hedonism, pacifism, inter-dimensional travel, cryptozoological investigation, seance, prayer, banishing, chaos magic, clairvoyance, chromotherapy, evocation, dowsing, exorcism, fortune-telling, literomancy, necromancy, shapeshifting, and other esoteric (or mainstream) ritual (including entertainment).

Collectors, devotees, rationalists, pirates, and all others alike are encouraged to leverage the designs pursuant to their own subjective belief system (whether sincere or imaginary) to address any and all desires (emotional or material).

Generative Alchemy is provided as-is without explicit documentation, but here are some hypotheticals to get you started:

Suffering from unrequited love? Plot it on a photo of your crush.

Desire riches behind your wildest dreams? Plot it on your paystub.

Want fame? Plot it on a magazine cover.

Want to change your past? Plot it on a childhood picture.

In too much of a hurry to plot? Click to activate the sequence.






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