Attempts at perfection are destined to fail. This project embraces the impossibility of perfection in human execution and digitally simulates these imperfections.

In his abstract minimalist work, visual artist Wouter Kalis steers away from meaning. Horizontal black and white paper strips are placed on colored paper panels and one strip dictates the placing of the next. However, each attempt at perfection ends in failure. These mistakes have now become the signature of his work and contribute to the depth of content.

Digital representations of minimalist art can be executed to perfection but are less interesting to look at. In this project, artist Wouter Kalis and his son, software engineer Rosco Kalis, together attempt to recreate the human touch in digital art, the imperfection.

The project displays computer-generated digital works similar to the physical works made out of paper. The colors of the digital panels are directly derived from the colors of the paper used for the physical work. The digital works can thus be reproduced using real paper. Please see the project website for details if you're interested in purchasing a handmade physical reproduction of your NFT.






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