INFINITE | 無限 invites an exploration of the dichotomy between vastness and singularity, encapsulating the essence of spatial and dimensional dynamics. Moving from clearly delineated boundaries of color and shape to more nebulous and subjective, like the edges of a thought or feeling. It is an allusion to the ever-expanding nature of our universe, the inconceivable borders that define our cosmic reality.

The project alludes to the exploration of the minutiae, the absolute singular, the elemental. It invites us to broaden our perceptions of both the physical and metaphysical dimensions, as well as our understanding of the world and our place within it. The AI model, once trained, endlessly produces new visuals. The metaphorical ebb and flow of these AI-generated images, their birth, and their subsequent journey into the universe, encourage a meditative state, as if taking part in a digital transcendental journey into the heart of the cosmos.

Visuals are created with Javascript code and custom GAN model, trained by artist. Outputs are generated live with model and code hosted on Blockchain/IPFS. Training data of the artist’s custom AI model includes paint close ups, abstract photographs and original images by ESA/Hubble (esahubble.org)

Ivona Tau 2023






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