Ingress is an immersive, interactive virtual space filled with color and lights. A visitor stands in the middle of the synthetic space with nothing to define their orientation or the interior scale. Sight direction might be an initial clue to the positioning, but as it turns out, it would be misleading. Floating, pulsating, and blending lights either close the surroundings or open it to infinity. Even though there are no restrictions in viewing direction, the visitor's position is bonded to the center.

The feeling might be calming, or disturbing. One might find it a beautiful and peaceful surrounding for contemplation, while others will recognize reminiscences of dark video games. Some spaces might be perceived as energetic music clubs, while others will resemble temples' interiors.

Mobile rendering brings an even more powerful experience. When the device is moved, the visuals change accordingly. A small screen held in the viewer's hand turns into a discrete window allowing for some augmented voyeurism. The urge to see the hidden space makes the visitor move around, reach out and discover the ambiance. It's an opportunity of experiencing the second world, located in an unknown dimension.

Mobile devices are recommended for the most augmented and immersive experience. Use a chromium-based browser for the best experience (e.g. Chrome, Opera). iOS devices need orientation data permission.

On desktop devices, a fullscreen display is suggested.

navigation: mouse: LMB + drag, scroll keyboard: arrows, +, - mobile: interactive, pinch view presets: [1] – still camera, [2] – predefined camera movement save image: [s]






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