"Invisibles" is a collection of generative art that takes you on a journey through fantastical cities and unreal architecture. Infused with a sense of imagination and wonder, aspires to be a visual joy and dream-like in its heart.

Inspired by the novel "The Invisible Cities" (Italo Calvino), a book with algorithmic qualities, this work incorporates several themes and concepts, from exploring new ideas, lands, and cultures to the interplay between reality and fiction. Like the book's exploration of Venice, the pieces in "Invisibles" are rooted in the essence of Hong Kong, a city the creator called home for nine years.

Each piece in this series captures the spirit of a different city, creating a beautiful and intricate mosaic of shapes, and patterns. The detailed engravings of architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries influenced its visual style while exploring the conceptual connection between engravings and code as a generation source.

This collection is plottable and aims to transcend the digital realm becoming tangible as an added dimension to the artwork beyond digital printing. Bringing the generative drawing into the physical world while turning plotting into the equivalent of 21st-century engraving.

"s" saves a PNG file with the current screen size. "h" generates a HD 4K PNG "v" generates a SVG file (ideal for plotting)






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