lo que no está

Light and shadow define the space of our lives. Influence our thoughts, memories, wishes and dreams. Reality and irreality touch and connect in various points in our minds, being lucid and illucid at the same time. Through light and shadow we see the presence of what is not there (lo que no está). Our gone loved ones. The things we aspire to but are not here yet. The things that will never be. The outer world which we can only imagine, as it is outside of the bounds of our mind and existence. This project is inspired in the streaks of light on the walls we inhabit, by the shadows, by the dreams we create, the illusions we have. The colours and volumes of architecture, through light and shadow, have always played a vital role in the activities I carry around within any given space. The project is a tribute to those spaces, to those thoughts, to the architects that through colour and space bring the possibility of reflecting on those matters.

I am interested in the notion of a work that is not represented only by one single view, one single artifact. Much like music, dance and any other performing art, which cannot be grasped in one single shot, some of my pieces aim at encouraging exploration that delves into the same realm. The preview image is, then, precisely just that: a preview of a little world that the piece contains. The piece lets the viewer generate infinite views over its small universe, yielding different sets of parameters, angles, distortions. Life is maybe the same thing: our changing view of our world, subject to our mood, expectations, recent experiences, memories, etc. Some day we feel bright, next day it's all a distorted, surreal version of the same thing, which feels like a different reality. But it isn't.

The project has a number of commands that allow for exploration of the work. Press s to save the current image (it will download other files as well). Append ?pd=3 to the URL in live view to set pixel density to 3 (increasing resolution). You can try with arbitrary N as long as your graphics card supports it.

For a full list of commands and options, press "i" (instructions) and the piece will download a text file with all the commands and instructions, or refer to https://www.iillucid.com/loquenoesta.






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