Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover is released as part of reGEN, a special charitable auction of generative art to raise funds for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, curated by Alex Estorick and Foteini Valeonti in collaboration with The Giving Block.

Four-leaf clovers, with their rare and mystical allure, have captivated hearts for centuries, bringing happiness to those fortunate enough to discover them. When I was little, I used to embark on quests in search of one. In a sea of lush green clovers, I carefully examined each specimen and time would slip away.

Lucky Clover, developed in collaboration with generative artist Kazuhiro Tanimoto, is a collection that recreates the joy of finding that special clover. Each piece represents a clover field at a certain time of day, with the four-leaf clovers hidden away for viewers to discover them.

The algorithm in Lucky Clover was designed to be both realistic and surreal. The output is simultaneously photographic and illustrative, merging three-dimensional and two-dimensional elements. The myriad of clovers that fill the screen form a variety of patterns. Every color, placement, and flow is unique. Among the features assigned to the output, the “Number of Four-Leaf Clovers” is the most important feature of the work. Each output also corresponds to a specific time of day, evoking memories of the search, whether at sunrise, sunset –– when you don’t want to go home yet –– or else during mystic moonlight.

The precious memories of the beautiful clover fields that each of us carries in our hearts are etched onto the blockchain as code.

The work is a counterpart to Sputniko’s other work A Drone In Search For a Four-Leaf Clover, where the artist reflects on the era of AI-driven efficiency by creating a drone with advanced image recognition algorithms. The drone can discover the lucky clover with unparalleled efficiency. Would you rather use the drone to guarantee rare treasure or do you prefer the nostalgia of a sunlit search, with the chance that you might not find one?

Lucky Clover is a charitable project in support of research into Alzheimer’s disease, which seeks to illuminate both new treatments and a possible cure like a beautiful clover. We respect the ongoing efforts of the many researchers around the world and believe that scientific and technological advances will make the world a better place.


Press [F] for full-screen mode. Press [L] to highlight the four-leaf clovers (if you want to spoil the fun and immediately discover them) Press the number keys to download a high-resolution image. [1] 1600x2400px image [2] 3200x4800px image… [7] 11200x16800px image [8] 12800x19200px image

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