Lumina engages in the delicate interplay of curved, organic lines and abstract forms, weaving a surreal narrative filled with rhythm and dynamism. It illustrates dreamy imagery of cosmic phenomena such as electromagnetic waves, magnetic reconnection, and gravitational pull. In its composition, Lumina balances fluid and structured elements, vibrant and muted tones. The artwork’s glitchy and distorted textures, reminiscent of cosmic noise and stellar interference, further enhance its spatial narrative, offering a visual echo of the cosmic phenomena. Lumina lies in its balanced integration of organic and digital elements. The first layer of the artwork, crafted with p5.js and a fBm shader, forms an organic texture, adding a swirl to give dynamism and generates diverse color palettes; establishing a visual field. This organic layer is then intertwined with a digital layer, where a custom fragment shader introduces subtle distortions and glitches, adding depth, complexity and luminance to the pieces. The inclusion of noise (and its artifacts) and various mathematical functions imbue the collection with a dreamlike ambiance. **URL Parameters:** ?resolution=5000 : to render as 2812x5000 px ?resolution=4000 : to render as 2250x4000 px ?resolution=3000 : to render as 1687x3000 px (default) **Press [S] in live view to save as .png** This work involves intensive GPU processing. It's advisable to use modern hardware and ensure your browser's hardware acceleration is enabled for optimal performance. Using the Chrome browser on a desktop equipped with a high-end GPU is highly recommended. See website for more details about the collection.






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Wed, Dec 6, 6:00 PM

This descending auction with settlement has a start time of Wed, Dec 6, 6:00 PM at the price of 2 Ξ and will exponentially decrease until the resting price of 0.07 Ξ is met. The bid price on the last item determines the clearing price of this auction. Collectors who bid more than the clearing price are eligible to claim the difference in price as a settlement.


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