Marfa: Middle of Somewhere

"Marfa: Middle of Somewhere" is a collaborative exploration by siblings Brett Sylvia and r4v3n, capturing the duality of Marfa's identity.

Brett's black and white photographs present Marfa as it stands on the surface—an unadorned, quiet town, beautifully analog in its essence. His snapshots from Art Blocks weekend 2022 provide a tangible sense of place, highlighting the raw, authentic moments that define Marfa's physical presence.

Yet beneath the surface, Marfa pulses with a vibrant undercurrent of creativity. r4v3n's on-chain generative art code seeks to encapsulate this burgeoning movement. Without overpowering Brett's images, the digital touches infuse each scene with a sense of the town's evolving artistic spirit—a nod to the invisible but palpable energy and the digital art revolution that's been taking root.

The final compositions will be generated at mint time using the randomness of the blockchain.






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