This system represents the love I feel for generative art. It also represents the effort of remembering that the simplest methods produce the most alluring results. Generative programs can give you art if that's what you look for, but they can also give you worlds, and questions about the ones that live in them.

An excerpt from a sailor that saw one of these worlds:

"I looked across the sea and glimpsed a city. An impossible place that just as quickly disappeared, as if it had been plucked from another dimension and placed briefly on the horizon to taunt me. In an instant I knew, or felt, three absolute truths, given to me by whatever force brought the city into sight and took it again. The first was that I could never reach it, and should I dedicate the rest of my life to contesting that fact, I would only ever find the water and land of my own world. The second was that in the city there lived someone I could love for the rest of my days. The third was that this someone had glimpsed out their window a ship unnatural to them, and felt the same three truths as I."

I feel unmeasurable appreciation to anyone that supports this project. Charitable donations will be made to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital thanks to you.

Each layer is built organically square by square which are then deformed at their corners. There are chances for countless variations through tighter density, symmetry, deformation strength, and color. There is even a chance that the inhabitants will architect the impossible and reach for another canvas, breaking free of their own border.






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