nameless dread

nameless dread is our shared digital suffering. meetings that have no start or end. colleagues without bone or feature. routine dismantlings. a camera lens and its scalpel. and the memories lost in its unending carve.


one more day to achieve productivity salvation. one more year to win a grand prize. one more sheet cake to celebrate detaching retinas. the lips and holes of a generation limply leaking from the casing of an animal we never knew.


what is legacy? who deserves to be remembered? is it better to feel your own demise or quietly bleed into the polyester of a desk chair until there’s nothing left? what things are lost in our state of perpetual transaction? what are we euthanizing to vaguely live? is there comfort in that destruction? is our core self diluting into something unrecognizable in the psychotic penetration of tongues to eardrums or bleeding fingers to screens? is there relief in submission?




heavily inspired by a decade of producing digital waste no one wanted or asked for. the color palettes are muted as colleagues lose vibrancy and elasticity in a state of absent production. sparse paint strokes function as bandages desperately attempting to hold skin together that seeks no bandage and is unaware of the wounds it carries. lines are what remains. waiting patiently to be paved over. under the illusion of happiness.




it had to be generative. because there’s comedy in its generative nature. we’re prescribed vague digital suffering daily. and this project is no different. you exist in the nameless dread it chooses you to exist in. a meeting that never ends. with people you wish you had never met. engaged in insect toil that in the end will be forgotten.


to further indulge in that toil, the employees that sit as the focal point of each meeting container were hand illustrated. a several hundred hour burden that provides a level of unblemished human suffering unreplicable by machine.


this project demands the collector exist in its suffocating coils as they pour from the hole we worship at daily.


working with someone as gifted as sydney parks to fully realize the pain the code could inflict was vital. every iteration was an escalation. every realization of silhouette or background another level of rot. or in some cases false salvation. she explored and amplified every crevice of this depraved meeting. she is not only a coding mastermind but a visionary with a nuanced understanding of building the impossible.




everything is clickable. everything is fuckable. the lives of those forced to endure the never ending meeting are mere reflections of our own inconsequence.


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